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Blake Gardner

Who is Blake Gardner? To answer that question, one would have to ask themselves how one artist could combine the best that Rock, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Funk, Reggae and Jam had to offer into one individual and then try to classify it as a genre... Good luck with that.

Needless to say, Blake Gardner is not looking to be put into a category. The 21 year old Quincy, Illinois native who grew up sifting through his parents Oldies vinyls has always been drawn to the "untypical." His journey as a musician began with piano and trumpet lessons at age 9. He bought his first guitar, a used Peavey Predator later that year simply because he liked it's blue finish. The French horn came in junior high and evolution continued through adolencense as he began playing bass guitar in his high school band.

From these humble but hard-working beginnings, Blake began song-writing and singing. Playing with various groups of friends who recognized his amazing natural talents, he took a lead role in forming and organizing various bands throughout his senior high days. Being a part of developing new sounds has always been a part of his repertorie. The drive to produce music that sounds different from others continues to be the catalyist in his current work.

Hooking up with renouned Midwest producer and manager Tim "Heez On Fire" Hanson, Blake's debut LP is due out in mid 2012, and features himself on vocals and guitars while Heezer bangs out Hip Hop drums and bass over his unique compositions.

Inspired by everything from 311 and Linkin Park to Phish and Dave Mathews right on down to Snoop Dogg and The Beastie Boys, it's easy to see how an artist with such a complicated palate could deliver such a unique sound to the world of popular music. Inspired by sheer possibility, Blake decided that music was his true calling and has not looked back ever since. His unique collaboration of styles continues to captivate listeners as he forges forward with a career that is sure to continue to span years and years to come.

Blake Gardner is traveling and booking nationally on a regular basis. He has shared the stage with acts such as Junior Varsity, The Graduate, The Forecast, Brett Gretzky and Dallas, amongst others.