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At Syndicate Artist Management, our company operates on the core belief that we should strive to fulfill our clients needs while sustaining their future in the entertainment business. We connect with our artists personally as well as professionally in order to secure their well being for the future. It is a concept that our founder, Tim "Heez On Fire" Hanson considers to be top priority.

Syndicate operates as a management company, media group, marketing firm and essentially, a record label. Our offices share space with Hanson's Heezers Palace Studios, breaking down the walls between corporate music groups and external management and representation. Our ability to bring more to the table than an average management firm or recording studio opens doors for our artists that similar companies can not offer.

Founded in 2010, Syndicate started when Hanson began managing Midwest Hip Hop group The Cold Cuts. Long time childhood friends from the start, Hanson went above and beyond the needs of his clients from being an executive producer on their debut studio album to getting them some of their first live shows to securing their first opening gigs with major label, nationally touring artists. He treats his relationships with all of his clients as family. It is a mantra that separates Syndicate from any other management company in the world.

Syndicate represents a energetic, hard working core of performing artists and producers. Our clients see growth in booking, touring, promotion, music sales, merchandising, media exposure, industry connections, social media, media licensing, radio play, and most importantly, revenues.

Working hard for our clients and treating them like family is the path to a successful client/management relationship. At Syndicate Artist Management our goal has been, and will always be to provide the highest degree of service to our clients through superior management, promotion, booking, and production services at an effectively affordable rate.

Feel free to contact us with questions or inquiries about our artists at anytime. We can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at (573)823-3969.

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